The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is minted by the Royal Mint of Canada in 99.99 purity of gold. This purity makes the Gold Maple Leaf very desirable for investments and collections. The gold bullion and proof forms, Special Issues and the 2010 Canada Olympic Games theme are very popular with collectors and investors. All Maple Leaf coins are legal tender in Canada, which means they can be exchanged in the marketplace.

Gold Maple Leafs – Bullion and Proof Coins

The Mint of Canada produces the Maple Leaf gold coins in various denominations; however face values are often lower than their true numismatic or market values. The gold content of the Maple Leaf is 1/20, 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 ounces of 99.99 pure gold. Face values rage from $1 to $50 Canadian dollars for the regular bullion and proof coins. Special Issues and themed coins can also include other denominations and higher purity.

Special Issues Gold Coins

Canada Gold Maple Leaf Special Issues are minted in a higher purity than regular bullion and proof coins. Generally, Canada mints these special coins in .99999 gold content. These coins are collected mainly for their rarity and historic significance. There have been many Special Issues coins minted through out the years; these are three of the more highly sought special Gold Maple Leaf coins:

  • One Million Dollar coin 2007 – This is the world’s largest gold coin and it weights 100 kilograms with the highest purity 99.999 of gold.
  • Two Hundred Dollars Gold Maple Leaf 2007 – This special coin weighs one ounce and has 99.999 purity of gold.
  • Two Hundred Dollars coin 2008 – This is a special limited edition gold Maple Leaf coin that followed the 2007 release.

2010 Vancouver Olympic Games Maple Leafs

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Gold Maple Leaf bullion coin weighs one ounce in 99.99% purity of gold. This special coin has a face value of $50 Canadian dollars. The back of the coin displays an ice hockey player and two Maple Leaves. There are many other themed coins representing the Vancouver Olympics in gold and silver with many other Canadian symbols. Collectors interested in growing their Olympic Games coins should consider some of these other coins as well.

How to Buy Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

The Gold Maple Leaf is sold by the Royal Canadian Mint and by bullion dealers authorized by the mint. Individual collectors and investors may sell their coins in numismatic shows and by placing them with coin consignment services. It is recommended to purchase gold coins from reputable dealers and sources and to obtain a certificate of authenticity with the purchase.